why does my dog stalk me

Why Does My Dog Stalk Me?

It can be a bit unnerving to have your dog follow you around the house all day.

You might wonder why your pup is so focused on you and what it means when they are constantly stalking you.

The answer, in most cases, is that it’s perfectly normal behaviour for dogs and actually indicates a strong bond between pet and owner.

Stalking behaviour usually occurs because of curiosity or as an attempt to gain attention from their favourite human companion.

It could also be caused by anxiety or boredom, but whatever the reason may be, understanding why your pup is following you will help you find ways to manage this behaviour positively.

Reasons Why Your Dog Stalks You

They want your attention and need to be reassured of your affection. 

Dogs are much like babies; they seek contact and affection from their caregivers.

Your pup’s constant trailing is likely an attempt to gain your attention and be reassured of your love and care for them.

Try giving them plenty of belly rubs or playtime when they’re following you.

This reinforces that their attention-seeking behaviour is acceptable and helps to strengthen the bond between you two.

They are curious about your activities and want to explore with you.

Dogs are naturally curious animals, so it makes sense that they’d be drawn to wherever their owner is going. 

Your pup likely wants to know what you’re doing and explore with you, so try to make an effort to include them in some of your daily activities.

This could range from taking them on a walk around the block or simply letting them accompany you while you vacuum the house.

Whatever it is, they will surely enjoy being a part of it with you.

They’re trying to protect you or keep an eye on you.

Dogs are fiercely loyal and protective, so their close proximity to you could be their way of safeguarding you from potential danger. 

Your pup may also follow you around as a means of monitoring your location and making sure that you’re safe.

Whichever the case may be, it is important for you to appreciate their loyalty and remain mindful of their safety when leaving the house or engaging in activities with them.

They may be seeking a treat or reward from you.

If you’ve been rewarding your pup for following you around with a treat, they may have picked up on this and are now seeking out rewards from you.

It is important to remember that treats should only be given as a reward for good behaviour and not used as a way to bribe your pup into following you.

Try to be conscious of your pup’s behaviour and only provide them with treats when they are behaving in a way that you appreciate.

They are exhibiting signs of stress or boredom.

In some cases, dogs may stalk their owners because they feel anxious or bored and need stimulation.

If they exhibit signs of stress, such as panting or pacing, it may be time to take them out for a walk or give them some extra playtime with their favourite toy.

On the other hand, if your pup seems bored, try engaging in activities that keep them mentally and physically stimulated, such as fetch or hide-and-seek.

This will help provide them with the stimulation they need while reinforcing positive behaviours.

For Protection

It could be an evolutionary instinct to keep track of the pack leader for protection or comfort reasons.

It is believed that stalking behaviour could be an evolutionary instinct left over from when dogs were still part of a pack. 

In the wild, it was essential for each animal to keep track of the leader in order to ensure their safety and well-being.

Nowadays, your pup may do this out of comfort or protection, so try to provide them with a secure and loving environment where they feel safe.

It is also important to remember that your pup may be trying to lead you as well, so allow them to take the lead occasionally and see where it takes you.

Doing this will help further strengthen the bond between you two and ensure that your pup feels secure and loved.

This, in turn, will help to make your pup less anxious and more likely to exhibit positive behaviours.


Especially separation anxiety may cause them to follow you from room to room looking for reassurance that you’re still there and haven’t left them alone again. 

Dogs naturally form strong bonds with their owners and may develop separation anxiety when they’re left alone.

This can cause them to become increasingly clingy and follow their owner around the house looking for attention or reassurance that they are still there and haven’t gone away again.

If your pup is exhibiting signs of separation anxiety, it is important to be understanding and give them the extra attention and reassurance they need.

You can also help reduce their anxiety by providing them with a safe and comfortable space where they can relax when you’re not around.

This will help them feel more secure in your absence and reduce their clingy behaviour.

By understanding the reasons why your pup follows you around and providing them with the support they need, you can help create a strong bond between you two and make sure that your pup feels safe and secure in their environment.

Curiosity can motivate dogs

They use their noses and eyes to explore what might interest them and then follow it as far as possible.

Dogs are naturally curious creatures and they use their noses and eyes to explore their environment.

If something interesting catches their attention, then they may follow it to see where it leads them.

In the case of your pup following you around, it could be that they’re drawn to your movements or scents which spark their curiosity.

By providing them with interesting and engaging toys, you can help to capture their attention and keep them occupied while reducing the urge to follow you around.

You could also take your pup on regular walks or explore new environments with them to provide mental stimulation and satisfy their curiosity.

These activities will not only help reduce their urge to follow you, but also promote physical and mental development.

Your Dog Loves You

Your pup loves being near you and wants nothing more than just spending quality time with their favorite human friend!

Dogs form incredibly strong bonds with their owners and love spending time with them.

Your pup may be following you around because they enjoy your company and want to stay close to you as much as possible. 

Try setting aside some dedicated quality time each day where you can spend it doing activities that both of you enjoy, such as taking a walk together or playing fetch.

This will help strengthen the bond between you two and also provide your pup with some much-needed stimulation.

By showing your pup that you care, they will be more likely to exhibit positive behaviours and feel secure in their environment.

Try teaching them some fun tricks and commands to make the time even more enjoyable for both of you!

Overall, it is important to remember that each pup is unique and their reasons for following you may vary.

Final Thought

By understanding the reasons why your pup follows you around, you can better tailor your approach to help satisfy their needs.

Whether it’s providing them with mental stimulation or showering them with attention and reassurance, all of these strategies will help to strengthen the bond between you two and make sure that your pup feels loved and secure.