What Toys Can I Make For My Guinea Pigs?

What Toys Can I Make For My Guinea Pigs?

Are you looking for a way to keep your guinea pig entertained and engaged? If so, why not make them their toys?

With just a few supplies from around the house and some creative thinking, you can easily create fun and stimulating activities for your pet.

From chewable puzzles to cardboard castles, there are plenty of DIY guinea pig toys that you can make.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ideas for keeping your furry friend happy and healthy with homemade playthings.

So let’s get started!

15 DIY Guinea Pigs Toy Ideas

1. Cardboard castles: Make your guinea pig their very own cardboard castle with a few supplies from around the house. Cut out large pieces of sturdy cardboard to create walls and turrets, then add fun decorations like buttons or pompoms.

2. Paper bag hideaways: Create a cozy play area for your pet by cutting several holes into a large paper bag and adding in some shredded paper for them to cozy up in.

3. Toilet paper rolls: Reuse old toilet paper rolls by cutting them into puzzle pieces or decorating them with paint and glitter. Then, fill each one with treats for your guinea pig to uncover!

Even though toilet paper rolls are comprised of cardboard, which lacks nutrition and is not a suitable food source for guinea pigs, they can safely chew on them as a toy.

4. DIY tunnels: To make your tunnels, cut several long tubes from a thick cardboard box and add some colorful decorations for an extra fun touch.

5. Cardboard boxes: Transform plain old cardboard boxes into exciting play areas by cutting out windows and doors, then adding shredded paper or straw for your guinea pig to explore.

6. Logs: Cut logs from tree branches and add fun decorations like pompoms and felt. These logs provide a great area for your pet to climb on or hide in.

7. Hay cubes: Make your own hay cubes by stuffing hay into individual cardboard boxes, then attach them with string or ribbon to form a cube-shaped play area.

8. Veggie mazes: Get creative and use vegetables, like carrots or celery, to construct a fun maze for your pet. Place treats along the way to give them something to work towards!

9. Paper towel rolls: Cut up paper towel rolls into smaller sections and stuff them with treats or hay to create fun chew toys.

10. Tissue paper puzzles: Construct a tissue paper puzzle by taping several layers of tissue paper together and stuffing it with treats. Cut small holes into the top layer that your guinea pig will have to work their way through in order to get the goodies inside!

11. Cardboard tubes: Cut up large cardboard tubes into smaller sections and stuff them with hay or treats for your guinea pig to explore.

12. Egg cartons: Reuse egg cartons by cutting them into small puzzle pieces, then stuffing them with treats. Your guinea pig will love uncovering what’s inside!

13. String mazes: Using a few pieces of string and some small treats, construct your own maze for your guinea pig to explore.

14. Cardboard canals: Create your own waterways by cutting several long, thin strips from cardboard boxes and linking them together with tape or glue. Fill the canals with hay or treats for your guinea pig to uncover!

15. Newspaper nests: Cut several pieces of newspaper into small squares and stuff them together with hay to make a cozy nest for your pet.

These are just a few ideas of the many DIY toys you can make to keep your guinea pig happy and engaged.

With a little creativity, you can easily create fun and stimulating activities for your furry friend.

So get creative and have fun.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Need Toys?

Guinea pigs need toys to keep them physically and mentally active.

Without something to explore, they are likely to become bored and stressed which can lead to depression or other health issues.

Toys allow your guinea pig to exercise, reduce boredom and explore the world around them while in captivity.

Toys that stimulate their natural curiosity such as tunnels, mazes, and hiding places are especially important for guinea pigs.

These allow them to engage in activities that they would normally do when living in the wild such as foraging for food and evading predators.

By providing stimulating toys, you can help ensure your guinea pig remains physically and mentally healthy.

What Kind Of Toys Do Guinea Pigs Enjoy?

Guinea pigs enjoy toys that they can explore, hide in, and chew on.

Examples of these include cardboard castles, tunnels, hay cubes, logs, and veggie mazes.

Guinea pigs also love treats such as pieces of fruit or vegetables.

These make great rewards for them after completing puzzles and mazes.

In addition, guinea pigs enjoy toys that make noise and stimulate their senses, such as bells or chimes.

Guinea pigs also enjoy toys that they can burrow in or chew on to keep their teeth from becoming overgrown. Examples of these include fleece blankets, hay cubes, and cardboard boxes.

What Guinea Pig Toys Require Supervision?

There are a few types of toys that should always be used with supervision, as they can pose a choking hazard for your guinea pig. This includes items such as small plastic pieces, buttons, pompoms, and cotton balls.

It’s also important to check your guinea pig’s toys regularly for signs of wear and tear. If there are any loose pieces or broken parts, remove them immediately to avoid any potential risks.

Never leave your guinea pig unattended with toys that have strings, as they can become entangled in the strings and pose a safety risk.

What Toys Should You Avoid Giving Guinea Pigs?

Toys that are unsafe and toxic should be avoided.

These include items such as small rubber balls, squeaky toys, and other items that may contain materials that are hazardous to guinea pigs.

Toys made of soft plastic should also be avoided since they can easily be chewed and ingested by your pet.

In addition, any toy with sharp edges or pieces that could come off and become a choking hazard should also be avoided.

Avoid using anything made of metal or wood as these items can cause splinters or sharp edges that could injure your pet.

Toys made of such kind of glue should be avoided since it might not be suitable for pets and might include toxins that are bad for guinea pigs. For projects using paper and cards, flour and water glue is a quick and secure solution.

Also, any item small enough for your pet to chew or swallow should be avoided.

Finally, make sure that the toys you give your guinea pig are made of materials that will not decompose quickly, as this can cause health problems for your pet.

By taking some extra care in selecting safe and appropriate toys for your guinea pig, you can ensure that they have plenty of fun and safe activities to keep them entertained.

In addition, you’ll be saving yourself money in the long run by avoiding pricey pet store toys while still providing your pet with plenty of entertainment.

So get creative and have some fun coming up with DIY guinea pig toys!

Final Thought

DIY Guinea Pig Toys are a great way to entertain your pet without breaking the bank.

With a bit of creativity and some common household items, you can easily make fun and stimulating toys that your guinea pig will love.

Just remember to always use caution when introducing new toys and supervise your pet at all times.

Happy Petting!